8-Bit Version Of Bayonetta FREE On GamersConduit

8-Bit Bayonetta available at GamersConduit and Steam.

8-Bit Version Of Bayonetta FREE On GamersConduit

Steam is now allowing you to play 8 Bit Bayonetta for free.  We have the main files here also.  So, get to downloading and have fun.  The game itself has a surprise to it.  Can you figure it out?  As you start playing it and realize what is left out for a side scroller.   This was also pushed out on steam on April 1st.  We will see what Sega has in store with this puppy.

I think Sega opened a new can of worms by doing this.  People will want a real Bayonetta now.  This is somewhat cool I guess you can get achievements via steam as you do weird stuff in the game.  Great little time killer I guess.

8 Bit Bayonetta

There is a secret page also on Sega's website.  What is this page all about http://www.sega.com/14111219?  To be continued......

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