Battlefield 1 Premium Friends Available Now

Battlefield 1 Premium Friends Available Now March 30,2017.

Battlefield 1 Premium Friends Available Now

Battlefield 1 is doing some crazy stuff with this one.  It could hurt them or push sales further.  Premium Friends goes like this.  As long as one member has the Premium Pass their friends can play them also.  This is kind of crazy in a way.  One member of your group can purchase the premium and everyone else gets to play the new maps.

Now, you can see why I said this might hurt EA.  On the other hand, doing this for the community can hold them to purchase future games too.  This might promote the other members to purchase the Premium Pass to get all of the perks.  Only players that have the Premium or Upgrade will receive XP though.  Players that do not have it will obtain the XP once the purchase it later I do believe.  Basically, no progression for the poor people laughs out loud.

This feature actually starts today on March 30, 2017.  If this goes well this might be a thing that they do for now on.  So, analytics and feedback on this feature will be monitored closely by DICE.

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