Be A Penis? Australia’s Party Game

Be A Penis? Australia’s Party Game

Be A Penis? Australia's Party Game

Genital Jousting is a multiplayer game that is pretty much on the crazy development side of game development.  You play as a detached penis with butthole and balls.   Well, this game is definitely made for this generation since being gay is not a bad thing anymore in society.   This is superbly gay to say the lease.

The story of this game starts you out as a penis named John.  A boner that runs around looking for a date.   The date is based on a high school reunion that John wants to attend.  He is a sift cock that wants to become hard and that is the goal of the game to get hard.  Genital Jousting has several mini-games you can play as well in it.  It is pretty crazy where you can see your penis getting stuck in other players buttholes and squirting all over the place.

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Genital Jousting is exactly what its name says.  You run around sword fighting with penises basically poking and penetrating one another.  They even warn you on their game selling page on Steam if you are uncomfortable please do not buy this game nor read it any further.  These days this game might sell like hotcakes but this is one of those games is definitely needed to be marketed in a certain generation.  This game was developed by a game studio called Free Lives.   The publisher of this game goes by the name Devolver Digital.  There is not much more to say about this game other than you can watch to the video and decide if this is fun for you to buy and play.  The game is available for PC on steam as of now. 

If you want to check out their site and other games they created Click Here.

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