Call Of Duty Remastering Modern Warfare 2 Is Ridiculous

Call Of Duty Remastering Modern Warfare 2 Is Ridiculous

Call Of Duty Remastering Modern Warfare 2 Is Ridiculous

They are milking the shit out of this series and idiots are still bitting.  They are coming out with a remaster of Modern Warfare 2.  The funny part is it will not have a multiplayer available.  They want to make it seem like its because they don't want it in there.  The truth is multiplayer has been shit since they stopped allowing servers to be purchased outside of Activision.  Dedicated servers allowed clans to run a server of their own and use admin tools to regulate.  Activision I am sure didn't like this so they implement console styled matchmaking so private servers could not be used anymore.  They don't want some nerds that have a few IT skills to profit from their game in any way.  This takes me to what I was about to say.  the multiplayer was so cheated and hack on it wasn't even worth playing it online anymore.  I am sure the game is coded so badly that adding multiplayer it will have to be redeveloped completely.  I have to say the only thing that Modern Warfare 2 had going for it was the maps and multiplayer when it was rocking and rolling.  The maps were fun but without multiplayer whats the point.  I rather just reinstall MW2 original and have a multiplayer experience if I don't get hit by cheaters.  Now, this goes over to all of the YouTube asshats they are hyping this shit up like they did with Modern Warfare remaster and we all know what happened with that.

A lot of people will say they are not going to get it because of no multiplayer.  I won't be getting because of that and there is no anti-cheat system that works.  I sure the spamming rapid firing assholes will be there and able to use the same shit cheats from the original game.  The thing that kicks my pants is they are planning on charging $25 for this shit.  I am sure, this price point is there because of a lack of multiplayer.  Sorry, everyone, I get a little pissed and emotional when I talk about Activision and their blatant greed.  I feel like they owe use instead of us giving more.

Ok, they are going to release this disaster around late April this month in 2018.  Black Ops 4 will be coming towards the end of the year so this needs to be pushed now so the player base doesn't get split.  There is one good thing Raven Software is not working on this remaster like they did with the remastering and fail sauce attempt on Modern Warfare [the first one], thank god.  It really doesn't matter anyways I won't be buying this crap either, lol.

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