Creator Of FarCry 3 Blood Dragon Is Rolling Out On Ubisoft

Creator Of FarCry 3 Blood Dragon Is Rolling Out On Ubisoft

Creator Of FarCry 3 Blood Dragon Is Rolling Out On Ubisoft

Creative director, Dean Evans, of the game called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has left the building.  What do I mean by this?   Dean Evans has left Ubisoft and who is he?  Well, if you remember games like Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed then you know who he is.  He has taken part in several of the series and games with Ubisoft.  Why is he leaving?  Well, he wants some time off from the 12-year grind he has been involved with game creations as mentioned above.

Ubisoft, of course, offered him something to stick it out with them but he wasn't having it.  They wanted to transfer him to a different team in Paris.  His decision still remained to leave the company to enjoy his life a little bit I suppose.  He was having some issues with his family life and Ubisoft canceling his upcoming project didn't spark much fire with him at all.  I think he is getting older and more like into retiring.  After 20 plus years of games creating, I don't blame him.  He put in his time and then some.  He also told that he wants to move back to the United Kingdom and traveling is in his plans.

The man needs a break basically who knows he might come back to the grind later.  I liked Far Cry's Blood Dragon because it is a game that pushes puns from my growing up.  Yes, we are around the same age frame so I get his decisions and the shit he has gone through.  Now, my personal take on Far Cry Blood Dragon game.  The game is unique and truly fits a certain comedy value for people of my generation.  I don't think youngsters will understand the puns, and comedy in this game unless they took an interest in retro TV shows of my time.  This game really has target focused several 80's catchphrases that an old school playa will understand and resonate with.  If you have played this game let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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