Get Motivated Sells - Alpha & Beta Keys?

Publishers and Game Developers get free advertising by uploading their Alpha and Beta Keys. What do we offer to help Publishers and Game Developers?

Please read the list of features and functions on sidebar.

How do I get started?

Publisher and Game Developer Accounts are approved or declined with in 24 to 72 hours from when request is submitted. We will check on the validity of your information submitted. You will receive an approval email with your log in information attached, if approved.

Once you have read and filled out form below to request for a publisher and game developer account.

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→ We promote you to the world for free.→ Custom GET CODE pages for each game.

→ .csv or .txt upload system for keys

→ keys submitted need to be valid and not used.

→ much more once you are approved and logged in.....

Who Receives These Keys
→ Only PREMIUM Members will receive a chance to get a key from the amount submitted.Once keys are all attached to PREMIUM members account the custom page will state none are available till the next batch if there is any.

→ Our Free Subscribers and PREMIUM Members will receive an email when Keys Are Available via newsletter.

Custom GET CODE page
→ Check out one of our custom GET CODE pages. Click Here to see custom page for Skulls of the Shogun.