Dying Light Wont Stop Free DLCs

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Dying Light Wont Stop Free DLCs

Dying Light is about three years old and still rocking.  The community for the game is holding Techland hostage to this game.  I have to say I can see why the game is freaking awesome to this day.  So, the guys and gals at Techland will stay supporting this game for another 12 months.  What does this mean?  This means that they will push out 10 pieces of free DLC other the next 12 months.  This is some serious support for a game.  If you think about it if they have gotten over 700,000 players you can do the math in sales.  I am just throwing a number out there not to sure the real sales number but I know it is high after I played Dying Lights amazing game.

The video above will give you more details on what they plan to do with this game throughout the next 12 months.  The content will not have to be paid for.  It will be free across all and any platforms.  It is a time to start reinstalling Dying Light for some more beast-mode.

Get ready "Content Drop 0" will pop some new enemies into the game.  This DLC will be not part of the 12 free ones but a taste of what to come from this title of pure gameplay and eye candy of a game.  Besides from the game itself the community is freaking buzzing.  Techland has get together with fans like a comic-con every once in a well.  Now, that the community gotten bigger and is still kicking they are going to hold at least 4 events per quarter.  I kind of think they should thank a little bit to The Walking Dead series for sparking some super interest in Zombie type shows.  Techland is doing it right as developers they are listening to the people that made them mega rich.  Most of the content will be driven by the community that comes out.  

The next smart thing for Techland to do is push this bad boy to other platforms to expand their horizons.

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