FPS: Is The Genre Dying?

FPS: Is The Genre Dying?

Is Online FPS Dying?

Many gamers have been saying that online FPS is either dead or dying for years now. With the annual releases of Call of Duty and Battlefield, nobody can deny the popularity of online FPS.

But how can something be dying if it's gaining popularity? Let's take a look. The main argument for the death of online FPS is that they just aren't the same as they used to be.

Instead of being competitive, challenging, and team-oriented, the FPS's of today are very much dumbed down. Regenerating health, instant respawn, and unbalanced weapons are trends seen in every popular FPS franchise now. No longer do you have to work as a team. Instead, one player can run out and go full on Rambo and carry the team to victory.

However, there are a few FPS games today that stay true to the team oriented method. Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Red Orchestra 2, or Rising Storm, are a couple of examples. Unlike Call of Duty, you can't run out into a group of enemies and get a triple kill, you'll be killed before you can click. Instead, you have to work as a team.

Organize routes, place players in certain areas, and aim your shots, not just spray and pray. The reason why these games aren't played nearly as much as Call of Duty and Battlefield is simple: they don't cater to the twelve year old crowd.  It is clear that online FPS is an incredibly popular genre. However, this popularity is due to the genre being dumbed down for twelve year old kids. Does this make the online FPS genre "dead"? The answer is no. Online FPS has simply devolved from team based cooperative play, to every man for himself. Who's on top of the leader boards? Who's the number one ranked player in the world? Who cares. How about, what team can work together and cooperate and achieve victory by being smart and tactical? FPS isn't dead, as its played by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, every day. It has simple changed for the worse. There are still a few games out there that cater to people who actually enjoy working as a team. Let's hope we see more of them in the future.

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