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No Mans Sky Preview

No Mans Sky is a procedurally generated, first-person, space exploration game set to launch sometime this year. It will initially launch on the PS4, then the PC. No word yet on an Xbox release. However, how does No Mans Sky set itself apart from the many procedurally generated games out right now? Take a look in this preview. The entire world of No Mans Sky is procedurally generated. Similar to ...[Read More]

Tales from the Borderlands Thoughts & Feelings

Telltale Games surprised a lot of people when they announced they were making a game set in the Borderlands universe. Many people thought a narrative-based point-and-click wouldn't work in that atmosphere. Having played the first episode, here are my thoughts and feelings on what I've experienced so far. Right off the bat, any doubts about a Borderlands point-and-click can be cast aside. Tales ...[Read More]

Game of Thrones Thoughts & Feelings

Game of Thrones [PC] Thoughts & Feelings Telltale Games has been going ham on releases in the past year. The Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, and now Game of Thrones. Is Telltale spreading themselves too thin? After playing the first two available episodes of Game of Thrones, here are my thoughts and feelings on what I've seen so far. Right off the bat, Telltale has cap...[Read More]

Early Access: Good or Bad?

Early Access has become a very controversial topic in the video game industry. Should developers be releasing unfinished games with only a promise that they will complete them? Some gamers have had nasty experiences involving the developer taking their money and completely cutting ties with the game. Does Early Access encourage such a practice? First off, nobody is forcing anyone to spend money o...[Read More]