Injustice 2 Sub Zero Is Here

Sub Zero Injustice 2 how to access him.

Injustice 2 Sub Zero Is Here

Guess what's in the new downloadable content for Injustice 2?  Sub Zero is here and it's time to start freeze folks.  Mortal Kombat characters in a super hero fighting game, wow!  Well, if you look at it this way Mortal Kombat even though a different story all the character are heroes or villains anyway.  This is a combination of stories the way I see it.  He is available but you can't trigger his character for play unless you have purchased him in a way.  Here are the versions needed to get him accessible for play.

Digital Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Edition, the Ultimate Pack or the Fighter Pack 1.  Sub Zero is also available as a standalone character in the shop for six bucks.  This is going to be a cool addition to Injustice 2 involving mortal kombat characters to the fold.  If you know anything about sub zero he is all about freezing enemies and making weapons with ice.   His movements in this game are great and can do some good damage.  His ultimate is seriously cool effects.  The cool thing I like the most are the costumes that you can get in the game.  You can look good and kick ass at the same time.  One the best features in this game are called load outs.  So, test out some of the load outs to get different combat abilities.

Check out sub zero at the official site for Injustice 2.

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