Layers Of Fear Game Available Now

Layers Of Fear

Layers Of Fear Game Available

This game is basically about a painter that has gone mad.  The horror in this game is unique and funny damn fun.  The launch date is actually today on February 16th of 2016.  Games like this are overwhelmingly popular everyone wants to shit their pants I guess.  Or the fact of the matter is people have an fascination with death.  The game studio that delivered this freaky shiz-nit is called Bloober Team.

I have heard that this game was an early access game.   I don't think so, it is available right now in PS4, and steam store.  For twenty bucks it better be and have more shit to it than Friday Night's At Shit's I meant Friday Night's At Freddy's.  I have to say this game is some freaky shit.  There has been several horror games out this year so far kick ass.  Silent Hill and this game in particular.  I really can't wait to hear that someone has funny created VR horror that gave someone a stroke.  If you want to shit your pants VR headset with games taht has DLC of craziness soon.  This game and Silent Hill PT would be great in a VR situation.   They will have to do some serious disclaimers for real.


Where can I get this game?

Here are the details and information for Layers Of Fear.

First release dateFebruary 16, 2016
PlatformMac PC Xbox One PlayStation 4 Linux
DeveloperBloober Team
PublisherBloober Team

In the video that I will provide here is a preview of the spooky mansion that you will be dealing with.

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