Nintendo Switch Getting Ark: Survival Evolved

Nintendo Switch Getting Ark: Survival Evolved

Nintendo Switch Getting Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a dinosaur survival game that is also hitting the Nintendo Switch Scene.  The developers for Ark Wildcard Studio has confirmed the Nintendo Switch version is in the makings.  The cool thing is that the handheld will have the same features as the console versions.  If you do not know I am talking about Ark on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  This game is planned to be out sometime this fall in a physical and digital copy.  So, this means if you want a boxed version of the game for the Nintendo Switch you will be able to buy one at a GameStop and other local stores.

Ark is a beast and became successful when I saw the large numbers of streamers streaming it.  I mean this game been going and kicking since mid-2015 when it was launched as early access to the steam store.  If this not cool enough, Ark will also have a mobile version in the works as well.  This version of the game is not going to be developed by the same studio though.  War Drum Studios will be taking over the mobile version of this growing masterpiece.

There is not much more on this topic as we will be posting more as it arises about Ark new venture to the Nintendo Switch.  Just as an extra note the iOS of Ark has already given out to limited people to play its closed beta.  They are also planning to push it to the Android devices too.  All together this game has picked up about 12 million plus players across all platforms combined.

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