Old School Red Faction Guerrilla Being Remastered In 4K

Old School Red Faction Guerrilla Being Remastered In 4K

Old School Red Faction Guerrilla Being Remastered In 4K

Red Faction is coming back to the scene but with nothing really new.  Red Faction: Guerrilla the 2009 THQ Nordic game is getting remastered.  The remastered version is kind of sad I have to say and waste time.  They are going to update textures, shadowing, rendering and several other areas.  On top of that, it will have 4k support plugged in the fold too.  Don't get me wrong I used to play the first Red Faction on multiplayer like a beast.  Shoot I still have mini-maps I developed for it.  Why couldn't they update the first red faction and the editor it came with.  Another thing the multiplayer end could have been updated as well.  See Red Faction the first one still has a fan base that never died.   Red Faction: Guerrilla not so much. The first Red Faction, I would have hopped on that like rice cakes.

THQ Nordic just to get even more stupid in their choice making of what game in the series to remaster.  They retitled the word Remastered to Re-Mars-tered.  Wow, that's going to make a big difference in my mind to get an updated copy of one of the titles in the series I didn't care much for.

Anyways, this remastered that I think will not be well received will be playable on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.  There is no set date but we know it's going to be pushed to the world around the second quarter of this year.

Well, Red Faction: Guerrilla wasn't a super bad game but this would have been one of the last ones I would have remastered.  Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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