Red Dead Redemption 2 Now Available

Red Dead Redemption 2 Now Available

Red Dead Redemption 2 Now Available

Here we go again with the leaks, "I feel are on purpose".  Red Dead Redemption 2 is a big upcoming game that has a good fan base from the previous game.  Just like most games on the PC version they at least have to fix the multiplayer cheating issues.  I am wondering will this be the same old shiz-nit as before with most multiplayer.  The only reason I say things about cheaters is that I do not cheat so basically my experience with online multiplayer is coming to an end.  This kills the gaming community to have legit competitions played for clans online.  As you can see there are really no clans left.  And the ones that are left usually end up finding ways to evade detection such as buying a programmable mouse to macro cheat and other things to gain an advantage over others.  I can see why the people at Rockstar don't want to deal with PC ports.  It took them forever to even think about putting GTA 5 on PC.  If you look at GTA 5 multiplayer it's pretty dead.  The only online thing they have that's cool is the co-op playing with friends.  Even though, the story was cut in half bigtime for this multiplayer venture for GTA 5.  Back to the topic at hand but cheating is something that needs to be addressed fast in the near future or there will be no multiplayer but only filled with low lives that come to destroy online gaming as a whole.

This map leak for the game already has been posted by two Reddit users.  Their names are tomcruise_momshoes and a kat that goes by Mco_yum_yum.  The map has been taken down from several image uploaders online already so if any other blogs or news outlets have written on this story needs to remove their copy of it.  I think people are going to get slapped with a fine or something if not.  So, basically, we will not be posting this on our site period even though the game is already out.  This title has already been released for the Xbox One and PS4 on October 26th two days ago.  There is no word on this game coming to PC, and probably not going too.

On these two platforms, there are three editions available for purchase.  Standard, Special and Ultimate editions via their main site.  On their site, you can select a physical or digital copy of the game.  The retailers for this game so far via the site will be GameStop, Best Buy and PlayStation Store.  Here is the direct link to the purchase page click here.  This game is exclusive to getting them from the consoles mentioned digital stores and of course from physical outlets.


Red Dead 2 it follows Arthur Morgan and his gang fight their way through America to survive.  This is done with the Van der Linde gang and of course steal, robbing and fighting are involved.  It all starts off with a robbery that goes wrong in a western town of Blackwater.  The feds back then start their hunt for the outlaws thereafter.  The plot gets a little bit crazy as this starts to tear the gang apart internal issues.  Either loyalty or leave the gang that raised him.

Straight up, the graphics are beast-mode as hell.

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Looking forward to this one. I just hope not cheaters will be able to mess this one up! More than likely, they will hack the multiplayer on this too. The single player here I come.