LOOKING TO JOIN THE GConduit eSports team?

You hit this page for a reason and you have come to the right place.  We get the question all the time about asking if we have a sponsorship program?  Well, here it is!  We created this page so gamers can request official sponsorships with us.  So, if you get sponsored with us you will be able to see them listed on our site.  This way you can let your viewers etc. know that you are GamersConduit Officially branded with us.

We set this page up for you to apply to become apart of a fastest growing, most powerful and awesome team of streamers and YouTubers.  Remember, our application will only be available for this program at our eSports site.

Please Note:  We get hundreds if not more applications so this might take several weeks maybe even a couple of months to get your approval or decline.  So, make sure you fill out the form correctly and take your time when filling in your information.

There is no application available here at GamersConduit.  The sponsorship for GamersConduit will be branding and doing box openings via a sponsored team or individual that is approved via our eSports site.

We are building our eSports site right now.

Once the site is up for gamers to become sponsored you or team will be apart of GConduit eSports team.

You can visit our eSports site at https://gconduitesports.com/