Star Wars Battlefront 2 Open Beta Soon

Starwars Battlefront II Open Beta in October.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Open Beta Soon

Star Wars Battlefront II open beta is almost here. From what we gathered it will run on Oct. 6th to Oct. 9th in 2017.  If you have pre-ordered the bad boy you will be able to play 2 days earlier.  This is going to be a blast because the theme is set in Naboo on the streets of Theed.  This should be interesting because I was told that it is a huge 40 player battle.  20 players on each side duking it out.  The sides are called Republic Clones and Separatist Droid Army.  Just like all Battlefield type games, there will be four classes.  You can check out the graphic here in the article to see what classes are going to be available.  This is going to be an awesome game if they don't cheat on it right away and EA plays like they don't know what's going on in the PC realm (nor do they care).  I really want to get this game but might not.  Battlefront the first one was fun until they losers showed up on the PC.

BattleFront II Classes available for opposing sides.
BattleFront II Classes available.

Anyways, just like Battlefront, you will be able to play some of the iconic characters in this one also.  They have been talking about a feature mode called Starfight Assualt also.  We will find out more about this and dish the scoop to you as always as we get it.  You can tell it has something to do with Starfighters obviously.  Ok, let me list the iconic characters that were leaked to the public via Reddit as usual.  Somebody exposed these listed characters Phasma, Yoda, Han Solo, Lando, Grievous, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker of course.  You ask when to expect this great game to come out and what platforms?  Battlefront will be hitting the scene for PC, Xbox One and PS4 Nov. 17, 2017.  We are also told that the DLC maps and characters will be given for free, that's a plus.  There is one side effect to this I really wonder what they are going to sell in the micro shopping system that they implemented.  Yes, microtransactions are involved, what EA would be like if not trying to find more ways to profit.  Same reason they became relaxed on cheaters I think.  Losers out way real gamers more the power is in numbers equals more money.  Ok, ladies and gents let me know how you feel about this in the comments below.

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Liam Harmon
Liam Harmon

Oh yeah, this is some good shit right here. You right though I hope we get at least few months of cheater free crap. EA and most companies don’t care anymore as long as the large population of losers buys the game. Until the millions of shit gamers stop cheating they never stop cheaters. If only 2 percent of the gamers in the world are legit non-cheaters they don’t buy the most units then so they become the last to be thought about. Why you think they make games now like Overwatch just press the letter Q, you are pro… Read more »