Star Wars Battlefront Twilight

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront Twilight

This is more of an update to let you all know that Electronic Arts has pushed out and update for Star Wars Battlefront.  If you haven't installed it lately this is what to expect in this update.  The new or latest update added a game mode called Turning Point.  This game mode only supports maps that have Walker Assault and Supremacy.  An added bonus is a map called Star Wars Battlefront Twilight that gives the gamer a dark sky and hard blowing snow to boot.  I have to say for the fact on the PC hardly anyone plays it they are coming out with some serious stuff.  There is more bonus to this still I haven't mentioned.  Hoth Base survival mission has also been implemented into this update.  Ice Caves and the free Battle of Jakku is connected this patch so it will require an additional download.  This was all done for February of 2016.

This March they are also giving Stars Wars Battlefront its first expansion package.  Outer Rim will have Sullustan factories and Jabba's palace based on Tattoine.

The game rocks and is very fun to play.  You would think PC fps folk would be all over this.  Never mind, the Origin desktop application sucks butt is probably why.  Regardless of the platform the game is mad fun and I think is better than Call of Duty.

If you want the full details on Stars Wars Battlefront visit their site at EA.  They will keep you updated on all the upcoming information about the game.  Make sure you bookmark their websites blog or subscribe to their newsletter if you have an account already.  Star Wars Battlefront Main Site and Star Wars Battlefront Forum updates on the game check them out to stay informed.

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